OnePlus Community.

This summer I shot films and stills for OnePlus in Grimstad, Norway. Jeroen, a OnePlus community member, lands a new dream job in Norway and moves his family up there from the Netherlands. They check into their new house and Jeroen and his family settles in. The OnePlus Community welcomes Jeroen to Norway with a little get-together .

Agency: McCann Cph.
Creatives: Lasse Munkstrup & Peter Conlan.
Marketing OnePlus: Danielle Young & Ndrew Poon.
Senior account manager: Birgitte Andersen.
Produced by Stuff Productions/ Christophe Johansen.
Stylist: Helle Lindvig Fogt.
2.Unit & sound: Kim Blidorf.
Editor: Christoffer Schuricht.
Stills assistant: Jacob Skaaning.
Grade: Henrik Mark/ Image Faculty.